Monday, August 8, 2011

Bouncing weight and HubPages

Well I have been bouncing around again from 151.5 to 154 and there's no way I am gaining that much weight overnight.  You would have to eat 8,750 calories to do that.  I am hoping to weigh at 151 today and just claim it as so.  This week I am going to clean out the rest of my new room, so I can have a space to do exercising in since I want to do crunches, push ups, and the like to help burn off more calories.

So... yesterday my calorie limit was 1275 and I only took in 1227:

05:00pm Wendy's 10 Piece (450)
I have 3 cupcakes through out the day (627... I need to stop doing that!  Not good.)
12:00am Happy Cow ice cream cup (150)

I did quiet a bit of walking yesterday since we went to Sam's Club to their open house and we got a membership there.  Luckily for us we will get extra walking in there since it's so huge.

Also I posted an article on HubPages called Low Calories, Thinner You, Part 1: The Prequel.

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