Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monthly Visit

I am down to I think 153... it's hard to tell since it's the time of the month, which means another week of roller-coaster of weight.  Keep in mind when you weigh yourself during this time that your body is retaining water, so it might seem you have gained weight.  Also keep track of your iron during this time b/c you are losing about 1/4 cup of blood during the cycle.  This is when you really need to eat 5 to 6 small meals, this helps with the blood sugar level and your mood.

Oh yeah!  Make sure when you are figuring out you are doing it for the right weight.  I just noticed for last week I was doing it for the weight for 144, oh how I wish.  So be careful!

I am moving my more helpful posts to hubpages, but changing them more into article form.  I will post in here everyday with a link when I post them up.  I will still keep my personal goals and entries here.  Also would like to thank my current readers that are still here.  I know there's not many of you, but still thank you!

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