Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sorry for Disappearing

Sorry I have disappeared for awhile.  Life has been crazy, but still dieting. I have lost about 5.5 pounds, last week was a hard one since my digestive track was out of wack.  I increased my fiber and calcium and it seems to be working, so far.  I might be going to a stomach doctor about the issues I am having.

Justin hasn't weighed that much of a difference though he lost 3 pounds, but that's because of his weird sleep and eat schedule.  Though I can tell a difference in his stomach, so he must be losing something.

We slacked on the walking last week... the events of that week prevented us to do so.  This week we already walked once and we hope to get another one in soon.

Also it seems my mom is trying to do the low calorie diet as well.  I am going to help her on it as much as I can from across the country.  Might get her on fitday and nutridiary.  I think fitday would be helpful to her because of the support team there.

Right now my mini goal is to lose 5 pounds.  My date goal is to lose 16 to 22 pounds by October 10th.  I usually avoid date goals, but since it's reasonable it's fine.  I have 12 weeks to go and if I can lose 1.25 to 1.5 pounds a week I will be just fine.  My writing goal is try to post at least every other day or every three days.

OH!  I will try to post a new picture of me later today.

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