Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fighting Boredom

I find boredom being a challenge with dieting since when I get bored I get hungry.  I try to keep myself business in something, either be online, out walking, talking to friends, or writing.  Currently I am working on my third book that I stopped working on two to three months ago.  Working on that while the boyfriend is editing the first one in the series.  I tend to find it more fun to work together in something no matter what it is that way I don't get bored too fast, lol.

Also I joined an other site called FitDay and it's a great site!  It keeps up with all of your vitamin intake, weight, food intake, measurements, activities, pretty much everything for you.  The forums are active and great!  A nice support system and the people there are so friendly.  I highly recommend this site to everyone.  If you join this site, I am ChibiSub in the forums.

Today we walked the mall after I got off of work to help burn off more calories and then when we got home we worked on cleaning the extra bedroom.  Tomorrow we are getting my bed and bookcase out of the storage unit, and place it in the room, so I can finally have a room off my own.  Then we are cleaning more and going through boxes that can go back in the storage unit that we have at the house.  Yay!  More exercising.  I have the next four days off, so I will be doing a lot of cleaning, organizing, and exercising!!

Oh!  Lost another half pound, so now down to 155.5 and hoping to have another half pound off by Monday.

Thursday allowance: 1301, had 980:

05:40am Fiber Plus Cereal (110)
12:30pm Pudding (60)
03:30pm Lean Pocket White Chicken Pizza (260)
07:30pm Lean Pocket Dijon Chicken (270)
11:30pm 2 Servings of Churros Cereal (260)

Friday allowance: 1240, had 940:

04:30pm Fiber Plus Cereal (110)
05:30pm Lean Pocket Dijon Chicken (270)
10:30pm Stoffer's Baked Chicken Breast (240)
12:30am White Cheddar Popcorn (160)
12:36am 2 Packages of Fruity Gummies (160)

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