Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Day Update

Sorry for delay on posting an update been busy with work and cleaning out the extra bedroom, which in my opinion counts as exercising.  For those that don't know I live with my boyfriend and his family since my family moved to Texas and I moved in to stay with him while he's going through school.  I have been living on a couch in the front room for a year now and it seems it has been agreed upon that if we clean the extra room I can use it as a bedroom.  This would be great because, besides having privacy, I can have a room I can exercise in without being in the way as well as no dog bugging me!

Well here's Tuesday's info, I was allowed 1248, but had 1044:

1:05pm Fiber Plus Cereal (110)
3:30pm Beef Jerky (70)
6:00pm Jello Pudding (60)
7:00pm Buffalo Wings and Ring [Boneless Wings, half orders of fries, and cheese sticks] (794)

Then Wednesday, allowed 1561, but had 1160:

1:30pm Fiber Plus Cereal (110)
2:30pm Jello Pudding (60)
3:15pm Smart Ones Two Mini Cheeseburgers (400)
9:45pm Gummy Snacks (80)
10:00pm 1 Serving of Pasta Roni (350)
10:45pm Cheddar Cheese Popcorn (160)

Also lost another half pound, so I down to 156!

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