Friday, July 1, 2011

2 Pounds Off Total

I forgot to post yesterday, so here's what I ate on Wednesday, which I was allowed 1577 calories:

7am White Chicken Lean Pocket (260)
10:45am Beef Jerky (70)
2pm Jell-o Sugar-free Gelatin Cup (10)
4:50pm Jell-o Sugar-free Pudding Cup (60)
8:02pm Small Corn on the Cob (63)
9:15pm Smart Ones 2 Mini Cheeseburgers (400)
11:30pm White Chicken Lean Pocket (260)

I had a total of 1123 calories... and then yesterday I had, allowed 1310 calories:

5:30am White Chicken Lean Pocket (260)
9:30am Pudding Cup (60)
2:00pm Pudding Cup (60)
7:00pm Applebee's (924)

Then I burned off 603 calories with walking 22,331 steps and 10.6 miles... so I took in 1204, but with the burn off, my body kept 601.

I lost another 1.5 pounds, so I lost 2 pounds total now and down to 158.  I am figuring I am losing my water weight now since I am sure my body has stored a lot of it over time.  Here's a good site to read up on water weight and what it is and why your body stores it:  Time For Fitness

Justin just joined me on the diet today, so that will help me stay on the diet as well.  It's always great to have a diet buddy to help you stay on the diet.  To exercise with and journal things with and such.  Also since the other person will be concern about calories and the count it will remind you to pay attention what you are eating.  Tomorrow we are suppose to go for a mile walk at one of the parks and then next week we plan to do our walks on three days.  We are hoping to join the YMCA eventually to work on their machines and pools.

Umm.. well I don't have much else to say, so end of blog entry!  Oh and I will post a start photo tomorrow, I meant to take a picture before I started the diet, sorry!

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