Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 1

Okay, so today make the end of the first week and I have lost 3 pounds, not bad since it's all water weight.  My goal for week 2 is to lose 2 pounds and I should be able to do so easily.  Yesterday I had 1305 calories and took in 1130.

05:30am Pudding (60)
05:30am Pringles (150)
-went back to sleep...-
03:00pm Lean Pocket (260)... can't you tell I love these, lol.
10:00pm Half a Cheese Pizza (660)

Also here's two pictures of me... I just took it today, so not really a start picture, but I really haven't changed much, lol.  So do not like how I look, but I know I will get to my goal and will feel good about myself!

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