Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 Pounds off Total!

Sorry for not posting yesterday... I just lost track of time and such.  This morning I woke up to use the bathroom and then all of a sudden I had an extreme pain in my abs on the left side.  I thought maybe my body was telling me to feed itself that I didn't eat enough the day before.  Well it turned out that's wrong since eating and drinking water did not help me at all.  The only thing that worked was a heating pad on me for two hours.  I think I have Diverticulosis, which can be caused by not taking in enough fiber and makes the colon work harder than it should be.  This is why I recommend using sites like Nutridiary since it will keep track of vitamins, sodium, fiber, and all of that for you.  If you noticed it's becoming harder to go to the restroom and not going as normal... check your fiber intake as well as your water.  Increase them if they are low.  You can take Fiber supplements like Fiber Choice, but I would space them out throughout the day since it can cause bloating and gas issues.  Trust me, you do not want to feel the pain I had this morning.

Okay... so Friday my intake limit was 1,264 and I took in 1196, but walked off 218 calories:

8:00am Lean Pocket (260)
11:00am Jello Gelatin Cup (10)
5:30pm Buffalo Wild Wings Honey BBQ Boneless Wings (686)
9:30pm Fiber Bar (150)

The Saturday I had a limit of 1436 and I took in 1080.  Also not the best day... it was very much a snack eating day, not proud of that.

2:30pm Pudding (60)
3:00pm Pudding (60)
5:00pm White Cheddar Popcorn (160)
9:00pm Creamy Garlic Shells (640)
11:50pm White Cheddar Popcorn (160)

Right now I don't have Justin's list of foods for yesterday and Friday, but he lost 1.5 pounds.  He has a lot of water weight on him due to not drinking water in the past and high sodium intake.  He will lose a lot of weight at first, so not worries there with fast weight loss with him.

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