Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Going Out to Eat

For those that go out a lot to eat out a lot either for work, socializing, or whatever, keeping track of your calories can be hard.  It doesn't have to be though.  Most food places have their nutrition information online or at least you can search for them on sites.  There are also books like, Calorie King, and apps for the iPhone and iTouch that you can download for free that way you can bring your information with you.

Can't find it online?  Not in a book or app?  Usually what I do is try to find something similar, tastes and looks the same.  On days I am not sure on an item's calories, I try to exercise more to burn whatever I might have taken in without knowning.

Don't figure because you are eating a salad that you're doing well.  Sometimes a cheeseburger might be lower than a salad at a restaurant.  Some places will have a diet menu or within their normal menu.  Now the diet menu might not be posted on their website or tell you about it when you are there.  Ask your waiter/waitress and you probably won't be the first.  Don't feel dumb to ask and be told no.

For those that go out to eat to socialize, try to find something else to do besides food.  Go to the park, for a walk, bowling, movies, something. You could always simply go out to chat over water and pop/soda.  Eat at home before you go out with friends, so you are full.  If you are a little hungry, split a small appetizer together.

Try to avoid places where the meals are over 400 to 500 calories.  I am not going to say to never go there, but at the beginning it's for the best not to go.  Eventually your stomach will shrink and it'll be easier to get full, and that's when you can control yourself better.  You can then go there and eat half or a fourth of the meal.  They made doggy bags for a reason, use them!  You can eat them the next day instead of going out to eat again or make a new meal.  Some people even try to use their leftovers into making something else.  Experiment a little!  It can be a fun event if you have a friend or loved one to help you cook something interesting.

Justin and I used to go out to eat five to seven times a week and this past week we have only gone out three times.  Instead of eating we go to the park or mall to walk a mile, it helps me to be out of the house and so we can talk.  This week we went out for the first time tonight to play at our trivia game.  I figured out what I was going to have and subtracted it from my calorie count long before we went out this way I knew what I have in my allowance between the time I wrote it down and dinner.

Oh!  I lost another half pound, so I am now down to 156.5.  I started my diet this time at 160, I actually weight at the beginning of the year at 167, so in reality I have lost 10.5 pounds.  Though with this diet period I have lost 3.5 pounds.

Yesterday I had 1305 calories, but took in 950:

11:30am Lean Pocket (260)
01:30pm Pepperoni Pretzel (240)
07:30pm Beef Jerky (70)
08:00pm Berry Juice (10)
11:30pm Fiber Plus Cereal (110)
12:00am Lean Pocket (260)

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