Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Okay... I hate walking around the mall for my walks, especially when I am hungry.  Yesterday I got a craving for Great American Cookie Company Red Velvet Brownie.  I broke down and got it... found out when I got home they are 500 calories in one of those.  I wished I ate half and saved the other half for later.  I worked my rest of my day around the 500 I ate and I did fine, I actually had 182 left over by the end of the night.

A number of doctors say if you are on a diet and craving something... eat it, it will make the craving go away and you will feel better.  I agree, I felt fine after having the brownie (though I felt bad afterward because of the calorie amount).  My stomach stopped craving sweets the rest of the day.  Now I will say this, if you are craving something that you know is very high in calories for your amount, try having half, a third, or a fourth of it.  It might just make the cravings go away and then you can eat something else that's lower.  You could save the rest for later in the day or the next day or when you have that craving again.

So yesterday I had:

5:00pm Red Velvet Brownie- 500 calories
6:11pm Wendy's- 450 calories
11:30pm Brussels Sprouts- 150 calories

So a total of 1090 and today I have a total of 1577 calories.  Since tomorrow is Trivia night at Applebees I am going to try to either switch day calories or whatever I have left over tonight to add in tomorrow's, so I can make sure I have enough calories for tomorrow.  I found Applebee's calorie information on their food, so I know how much I will be in taking luckily.  Though it's going to be hard to keep the count low since I wake up at 6am to work truck for my workplace.  I will try my best though luckily I usually walk like 10,000+ steps while on the truck, so calories are burned off, yay!

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