Monday, June 27, 2011

First Day

Today is my first day back on my diet and I can have 1318 calories today.  I am doing what is called a seven day calorie cycle (also know as zigzag).  Each day is a different calorie count, but if you add up the week and average it out it should equal your fat loss calorie count. This tricks your body into thinking you're eating less and helps prevent plateaus or break them. I do this also so I can have a high day because Justin and I like to go out for trivia once a week.

This week my fat loss is averaged at 1318 since this week I am figuring I am not going to be able to do a lot of exercising.  If I had three days of exercising it would be at 1510.  I know a lot of people are thinking 1318 is really low, but it's doable if you eat smaller meals and more of them instead of three giant meals.  Eating five to six smaller meals a day will keep your metabolism activity level, which will help you burn calories off.  If I average out my calories for five meals it will be 263.6.  Not bad at all.  One meal I could have a sandwich, another soup, for dinner I can have a lean pocket.  Or I can make sure how many calories I will need by the end of the night to have a fourth of a tombstone cheese pizza, which is 350.

To help my metabolism (as well as the bloating of my stomach) I will be drinking cold water instead of diet pop/soda.  Pop/soda, no matter if it's diet or regular, causes your stomach to bloat, so I pretty much cut it all out, except for maybe one can a day or unless we go out for trivia.  If you are drinking pop/soda, you have to count its calories into your daily count.  It does add up and it will surprise you how much it does if you drink a lot of it.  If you are going to cut pop/soda out fully, do this slowly since if you drastically cut it out it will cause headaches.  Maybe cut a can out of your average intake for a week and then the next week take out two and so on.  This way your body gets used to the lower amount of sugar being taken in.  Nothing is excluded from the count, except for meds and vitamins you have to take.  Meds and vitamins don't usually have that high of a calorie count.

Oh!  If anyone is thinking of doing this diet, too, I would highly recommend the week or two before starting to keep track of what you eat normally everyday and the calorie amount you have taken in.  Then calculate on freedieting how much you should be taking in to lose weight.  If it's more than 500 calories in a day difference, I would just subtract 500 calories from your average before the diet.  You should not drastically cut down your calorie count because your body will starve from the giant change and you will gain the weight back faster and easier.

To note, a pound equals 3,500 calories... so if you make a difference of 500 calories a day, you should lose a pound in a week.

Another note for the women, unlike men our body has a cycle and it changes our body all through out the month.  This cycle causes our weight to roller coaster a little bit.  One site says for us to weigh ourselves once a week or once a month.  I still weigh myself everyday and try to notice when in the point(s) of time in my cycle that I seem to get heavier besides the actual 'visit'.  This way I don't get discourage by the weight gain.  To remember this I had kept a weight diary on my computer, I kept track of the dates, my weight on that day, how much I lost or gained from the day before, and the calorie count of the date before.

Well... I think that's it for my first day blog entry.  I will probably post later tonight what I took in today.

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  1. Sodas can have a major impact on more than just weight. It is a very healthy choice to cut back on them gradually, but not necessarily completely (though it is probably better to do so) I once tried to cut back completely and the headaches and just overall torture of withdrawal (FROM SODA!?!? yes from soda) was insane.

    What I ended up finding working as my solution was that I started drinking powerade or flavored waters, especially when I would be exercising. It's much better a thing to process through your body and is just not waste and ..ugh like soda. Just bettering your fluid intake can make pretty profound changes. Think of how much water is in your body. Think of all the ways it comes out. It's not just your urine you know.. You sweat it. You cry it. Putting in something like water can help make for healthier skin and hair :3

    Try to keep sodas for mealtimes at first and drink plenty of water in between. I noted that after a while of doing this, a few weeks maybe, that soda became less and less appealing. The taste is far different and it was eventually something I didn't want to drink anymore. Btw, I know powerade is pretty high on sugars and such, but its still a lovely stepping stone towards just plain water (or water with flavors added if you prefer). It also helps to energize you through your workout.

    But yaaa.. you can do this :3 This is a really great thing you are posting here. Keep at it.